Ali from W Magazine Online drops word of their recent profile of Watchmen director Zack Snyder [PEEP] which features some choice titbits, the mention of Snyder currently working on an animated film about owls, and an awesome tattoo on his back.

Ironically, the only "superhero"-character in the movie that (visually) does have a tattoo - was Dr Manhattan, who gave himself one on the forehead. heh.

EXERPT FROM W-INTERVIEW: With all sorts of media competing for viewers, Snyder very cannily realizes why he has to push the limits. “Everyone has a pretty great television now, and you’d better f---ing give them a reason to get up off their sofa and go to the movies,” he says. But, unsurprisingly, the first thing Warner Bros.’ top execs said when they saw Watchmen was “‘Too violent, too sexy, too long,’” recounts Snyder. “I say that’s the reason to go see it.”

Source: Exerpt-Text & Image via W / Cheers for the headsup, Ali!



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