Rorschach's Mask

WHAT-IS: "Rorschach's mask (which he refers to as his "face") consisted of a specialized fabric, one that was actually two layers of fabric with viscous black and white fluids trapped between them. The fluids remained in constant motion, being affected by heat and pressure, however, the black and white colors never combined to form gray. The patterns formed by the fluids also maintained a consistent symmetrical pattern down the mid-line of whatever shape the fabric had been formed into." (Read more here}.



Everything GREAT About Watchmen!

Still a movie I'd love to re-watch and own, for many of the reasons mentioned in this video above! Sure I can (sort of) understand the venom some folks seem to have for Zack Snyder's work, and even agree with some of them, but it doesn't mean I'd not enjoy his films, especially THIS project. As much as I abhor certain Michael Bay visual tactics, I too enjoy and love his cinematic storytelling style (especially in "older" films such as "The Rock" and "Armageddon").

It is not fair to compare Bay to Snyder, but unfortunately both filmmakers have been put on the "shelf of hate" for some folks ...but fortunately NOT on mine, so I can serendipitously enjoy their movies, and choose to dislike them if I wanted to, innit?

Damn but do I still want to won the WATCHMEN DVD tho...!


The Comedian - Collecting Watchman Action Figures

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And while I hadn't planned it, looks like I might begin to collect WATCHMEN movie action figures, starting with The Comedian! Not particularly "actively searching" but wouldn't deny myself if ever I come across a good bargain, even its loose/unboxed, because I wanna play with them lol

... Quite ironic as I've been gagging to own DVD for the longest time, so now instead I'll collect the toys ... and even then, I was pretty keen to collect the 1/6th-scaled ones all this while too! But I've since come to my personal-financial-senses LOL

I had an "unmasked" Rorschach somewhere in my hoard I'd been thinking of "selling", but now I might as well hold back the notion … interesting how your toy collection tastes change thru the years, and imagine how "devastated" I'd have been if I actually DID sell it off … Heh.

This is The Comedian wearing a flame-thrower unit, as seen in his flashback sequence of his time in Vietnam (alongside Dr Manhattan), in the battlefield setting V.C.s on fire!


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