[Below-Left]: An issue of DC Comics' TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER, first published in the 1960s and reprinted in December 1985.

[Below-Right]: The title page of MAROONED!, a two-part story occupying issues twenty-three and twenty-four of TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER.

- "Walt Feinberg is a cartoonist who worked in Marooned. He also works with New Frontiersman" [wiki] = No doubt "Walt" is Dave Gibbons (the artwork is too similar to not be), IMHO.

- "Max Shea is the artist who wrote Marooned. He disappeared almost simultaneously with other artists." = You really must read Max's full story on wiki, and while Max is written as a character in the Watchmen-Universe, original writer Alan Moore has disavowed his participation in the film.

[Above-Left] An advertisment for Adrian Veidt's self-help program THE VEIDT METHOD, appearing on the back of an issue of TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER.

[Above-Right] An advertisement for the range of Ozymandias action figures appearing on the back of an issue of TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER.

Without a doubt (and with total bias-ness), one of my fav scenes in the WATCHMEN movie, is when [SPOILER-BEGINS /// Dan Dreiberg holds up a Ozymandias action figure, which is displayed alongside the other action figures, in Adrian Veidt's office /// END-SPOILER] in one of the scenes from the comicbook adapted for the big-screen = *Cool*

Source: The New Frontiersman



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