Music-video-snippet of My Chemical Romance's cover of Bob Dylan's "Desolation Row" ~ to go with the Watchmen 12" Picture Disc vinyl record. The mv is directed by Watchmen-movie director Zack Snyder and will premiere in full on iTunes Music Store on Friday.

MTV.com reports: "Keen eyes should already be able to pick out a few nods to the "Watchmen" film in the video — check the smiley face on drummer Bob Bryar's kit, and the massive Rorschach symbol the band performs in front of — but according to Way, the tie-in doesn't end there. When we spoke to him a few months back, he revealed that the song now plays a huge part in Snyder's much-discussed new ending to the film."

Source: MCR


Peep the Final WATCHMEN Movie Poster shown first slide-above [via FirstShowing] - which frankly looks like it's for an upcoming soap-opera, IMHO. This of course, does not include the different variations from different countries (heh). Directed by Zack Snyder, Watchmen premieres March 6th 2009.



There's this whiff of a warped-hint of irony (or perhaps it be "cyclic-evolution") whereby the conceptual-path / journey of a live-action film adapted from a printed-comic book (story) further produces printed-books about the making of said live-action-film. Glorious, methinks. And Rorschach has become the de-facto poster-child for the film (heh).

Watchmen: Portraits by photographer Clay Enos is a hardcover coffee table book showcasing portraits (duh) of both cast and crew from the Watchmen-film. Amazon has it listed for pre-order at US$50 (discounted to US$31.50) with a February 10th 2009-release date.

These black & white stills / images have been released via Empire Online and shows Rorschach (whose on the cover of the book too), The Comedian, Nite Owl, (a very yummy) Silk Spectre, Ozymandias and a pre-atomic Dr Manhattan.

Source: GeekyRants


Watchmen: The Art of the Film by Peter Aperlo is a hardcover book showcasing behind-the-scenes story boards, conceptual art, costume designs etc, as well as feature new illustrations by the artist for the "original" Watchmen-comicbook; Dave Gibbons! Aint It Cool News scored a couple of panels (mirrored below ;p) Amazon has priced it at US$40 (with a discount at US$26.40) with a February 10th 2009 release date.

Amazon also lists a Watchmen: The Official Film Companion (Hardcover Edition) for US$29.95 (discounted at US$19.77) with a February 17th-release date - and Total Film reveals exclusive never-before-seen page-images (6) which shows some *Movie-SPOILERS* (You have been warned :p)


Above shows a front page article from The New York Gazette (dated: June 18 1970) - while the below photo shows Viet Cong troops bow down before Dr Manhattan in the process of surrendering (dated: June 21, 1970) - which perhaps might seem a tad insensitive, but hey, at least Dr Manhattan is wearing something to cover up his blue-glow-nasties innit? heh.

Source: The New Frontiersman


(Above) Dr Manhattan photographed on day one of Operation Wrath of God (June 15 1970)

(Right) A photograph of extra-normal government operative The Comedian in Vietnam in 1970 (exact date and location unknown)

[Both photographs © Alain Guillon]

Source: The New Frontiersman


CLICK on image to view in full the newly de-classified Nixon's executive order authorizing Dr Manhattan to intervene in the Vietnam War in an operation codenamed 'Wrath of God'. (May 22nd 1970)

Source: The New Frontiersman


[via The New Frontiersman]


"Dr Manhattan photographs Neil Armstrong on the occasion of the Apollo moon landings, July 20th 1969" [via The New Frontiersman] ... and two-plus months later, TRE was borne. There is no connection between either individuals. (If there was, I couldn't tell you too). Altho I hope Dr Manhattan didn't flash Neil on the moon ~ that might've been a tad awkward, IMHO...



The WATCHMEN Movie [tagged] online viral has officially begun with the launch of The New Frontiersman website @ www.thenewfrontiersman.net - with the previously "sealed" folder - now "opened" to reveal correspondence, military documents, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs and video reports from and about the world of Watchmen thru the reporters and journalists of The New Frontiersman, and will continue to reveal them until the launch of the movie on March 6th - with the desire and aim to "bringing the wider world of WATCHMEN to life for as broad an audience as possible."

"Accessibility" seems to be the direction for this particular campaign, with updates made readily available via RSS feeds generated by Friendfeed - which encompasses Flickr, YouTube and Twitter-accounts - no doubt manned by the pool of "New Frontiersman-journos", yeh? *Coolio*

And while the "full" story of Watchmen is known to fans of the comicbook (*raises hands* - happily, not smugly, mind) - which means there is hardly any *spoiler-surprises* to be spilt (ala 2008's The Dark Knight) - hence less of the shock'n'awe tactic (even for folks who are not familiar with the story). And from the description of New Frontiersman, it is more likely about creating, and revealing a world where we both fear and are in awe of superheroes, and where we participate as the "everyman" (unlike say, Hellboy2's viral - which frankly were more attuned to and focused on the Fantasy / RPG-genre crowd, IMHO).

[DECLASSIFIED: Wally Weaver's Testimony Affidavit pertaining to the events surrounding Jon Osterman's fatal intrinsic field accident at Gila Flats Test base > CLICK on image to read]

Tabloid Sensationalism versus Investigative Journalism. If The New Frontiersman's direction were to parallel tabloids and rags of yesteryears? Then there may yet be juicy news to come, IMHO. Opened case files begin from 1959, starting from the era of the Minute Men - which in itself is as salacious as it gets LOL (If I said I had a "crush" on The Silhouette, would you think little of me? :p)

[NYPD incident report for the murder of Ursula Zandt (AKA The
Silhouette) and a female companion – November 12th 1954.]

But if they decide upon the latter, than perhaps it may be a slow burn, with more "meat" than just the "gravy" (?) - as evident with the crime reports currently on display in the "website's folders". Heck, their tagline reads: "Integrity in journalism" innit? We'll see if this holds true, yeh?

[Mothman gone bonkers and gets a one-way-trip to the funny-farm for ex-superheroes]

....Or perhaps I'm just thinking too much into it, and should just go along for the ride, for it is just a few short weeks/months leading to the movie's premiere on March 6th, and the Doomsday Clock has begun it's countdown.

Source: Superhero Hype



In the case of WB versus FOX for rights of The WATCHMEN Movie: "Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox have resolved their dispute regarding the rights to the upcoming motion picture Watchmen in a confidential settlement. Warner Bros acknowledges that Fox acted in good faith in bringing its claims, which were asserted prior to the start of principal photography. Fox acknowledges that Warner Bros. acted in good faith in defending against those claims Warner Bros. and Fox, like all Watchmen fans, look forward with great anticipation to this film's March 6 release in theatres." [via SHH] = Cool. Now can we get on with the gettin' on?

And the best thing about the new WATCHMEN website relaunch ~ besides the new wallpapers and dedicated-videos for individual characters (all footage we've seen before, so chill), are the voice-over / movie-narration from the principles themselves, coupled with Tyles Bates' music score, really helped heightened the mood, IMHO.

Altho Initially, I'd wanted to comment about the synth-music; becoz it sounded like really super-mofo cheezy-90's / late-80's muzak, with overt-Vangelis Bladerunner-isque middle-of-the-night tunnage ... but then I realized (or convinced myself, whichever worked) that perhaps that was the "true intention" in the first place? Well, becoz the film is set around that era, innit? (Only thing missing is some H.Faltermeyer-stuff. heh) ~ If that be the truth, then it worked and I can't wait to watch the movie ... Gawds! I'm "easy" aren't I? heh.




Peep the new WATCHMEN 12" Picture Disc featuring My Chemical Romance's version of "Desolation Row" (covering Bob Dylan's classic) scheduled for a January 27th-release but available for pre-order HERE @ a special online price of US$11.99 (Usual Price: US$15.99). Personally, I think this is a well-worth getting collectible / movie memorabilia. And this is just the vinyl-skin design - I wonder how the sleeve is gonna look like... *yumz*

Picture Disc Includes:
SIDE A: My Chemical Romance "Desolation Row" (Smiley Face)
SIDE B: Tyler Bates "Prison Fight" Track from the Original Motion Picture Score (Rorschach City Scene)

Source: MCR

[My Chemical Romance Live in Las Vegas 2008]

[Bob Dylan Desolation Row Live 1966]


New WATCHMEN TV Spot aired during the NFL Playoffs circa U.S. weekend just. I'd like to tell you what I thought of the footage, but I've to see it, as the youtube-player ain't playing jack ... maybe later when the bandwidth is all cleared up, yeh? heh.

Source: Superhero Hype


Folks who've read the WATCHMEN comicbooks / graphic novels may remember Walter Kovacs aka Rorschach keeping a journal filled with his conspiracy theories, writings and rambling, and of his constant mails to "a far right-wing" newspaper named The New Frontiersman ~ which sadly always gets ignored as crank-mail (guess what was in the last mail to the mag?). Well, seems a new online viral website for the live-action movie (by Zack Snyder) has gone live at www.thenewfrontiersman.net!

Currently only a montage image of a "journal" with a Minute Men group-photo clipped up top, over a copy of the newspaper and a mail-envelope resides next to a smiley-button not unlike The Comedian's (*cough*). SHH reports that: "There is no content on the site right now but the seal will break early next week, and there will be a fair bit of content on the site leading up to the release of the film, including photos, documents and video"


Source: Superhero Hype


WATCHMEN Video Journal #10 focuses on the Minute Men of the 1940's and the origins and motivations of the retro-heroes. Two more VJs to go before the movies' premiere (hopefully) in March 2009! ~ Watch it via glorious Quicktime or HD @ www.apple.com/trailers/wb/watchmen/. Screengrabs below feature character-description of the Minute Men (*WARNING: Story Spoilers Contained Within descriptions*):


HOODED JUSTICE: An extremely large, imposing figure, Hooded Justice, whose real identity is not revealed in Watchmen but who some claim is ex-circus strongman Rolf Müller, was the first of the costumed vigilantes. His brutality towards criminals rivaled that of Rorschach. It is implied that he was in fact a homosexual, and that he got sexual gratification from violence. Hooded Justice interferes with The Comedian’s attempt to rape Silk Spectre I, breaking his nose in the process. Sally Jupiter, or Silk Spectre I, posed as his girlfriend, but this was a sham relationship set up to conceal Hooded Justice's homosexuality and interest in violent sexual encounters with teen boys.

Hooded Justice vanished at the time that The Minutemen were questioned by the House Un-American Activities Committee, and was never seen again.

(Editor: It has been implied in the comics that Hooded Justice was in fact killed by The Comedian later on, for revenge)

DOLLAR BILL: a member of the Minutemen who died during a bank robbery in the 1940s.


CAPTAIN METROPOLIS: Nelson Gardner, an ex-Marine Lieutenant, was one of the more active proponents of The Minutemen group; he suggested that a collaboration of forces would be the most effective way to fight crime. "Social ills" motivate him to fight crime. However, what he defines as a "social ill", for example anti-war demonstrations, promiscuity, and "Black Unrest" show that his motivations for changing the world are shaped by unexamined assumptions of social norms, rather than pro bono publico, although he insists that this isn't true. In 1974, he is decapitated in a car accident according to Rorschach's diary. Hollis Mason's book acknowledges that Gardner had made several racial slurs about Black Americans and Hispanics during his years on the Minutemen.

He was also involved in a homosexual relationship with Hooded Justice, thus necessitating a need for Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I) and Hooded Justice's very public (but sham) relationship as a cover story to avoid any public suspicion of a relationship which would surely damage the image of The Minutemen.


NITE OWL (aka Hollis Mason): Hollis Mason was a policeman who became a "masked adventurer" after being inspired by the New York Gazette's article on Hooded Justice. After years of serving in The Minutemen, he wrote a book called Under the Hood, which exposed much about the Minutemen, most notably the attempted rape of Sally Jupiter (Silk Spectre I) by The Comedian.

After the dissolution of The Minutemen and the rise of Doctor Manhattan, he elected to retire and work on old cars, passing his mantle on to a fan, Dan Dreiberg, who would become Nite Owl II. Later, on Halloween, 1985, during a riot that breaks out after Nite Owl II and Silk Spectre II free Rorschach from prison, a violent street gang under the influence of stimulants, believing Mason to be the Nite Owl who had freed Rorschach, attacks Mason in his home and beat him to death. The character of Nite Owl (Hollis Mason) is largely inspired by Blue Beetle. In the movie, he is portrayed by Stephen McHattie.


MOTHMAN: a former member of the Minutes who suffered from alcoholism and mental illness later in life.


SILHOUETTE: a former member of the Minutemen who retired after her status as a lesbian became public knowledge. Was murdered by one of her enemies.

SILK SPECTRE (aka Sally Juspeczyk): Sally Juspeczyk was a waitress and burlesque dancer before becoming a crimefighter on the advice of her agent, and future husband, Laurence Schexnayder. Silk Spectre I was sexually assaulted by The Comedian, but the attack was ended by Hooded Justice's intervention. A (while) later, emotionally turbulent consensual encounter with the Comedian resulted in the conception of her daughter, Laurie, who would become Silk Spectre II.

Silk Spectre I was involved in a tumultuous marriage with Schexnayder, which subsequently ended in divorce. The character of Silk Spectre (Sally) is inspired largely by Black Canary and Phantom Lady, as opposed to the Charlton character Nightshade. In the movie, she is portrayed by Carla Gugino.


THE COMEDIAN is Edward Blake, who began his vigilante career in the 1940s as a young man. Over the years, he became a patriotic hero for the United States. The Comedian was based on the Charlton Comics character Peacemaker, with elements of the Marvel Comics spy character Nick Fury added. Moore and Gibbons saw The Comedian as "a kind of Gordon Liddy character, only a much bigger, tougher guy".[2]

Already deceased when the story begins, his murder is what sets the plot in motion. The character appears throughout the story in flashbacks and aspects of his personality are revealed by other characters.[3] Richard Reynolds described The Comedian as "ruthless, cynical, and nihilistic, and yet capable of deeper insights than the others into the role of the costumed hero".[3] Along with Dr. Manhattan, he is the only government-sanctioned superhero after the Keene Act banning superheroes is passed. Although he attempted to rape the first Silk Spectre in the 1940s, issue eight reveals that years later he fathered her daughter Laurie.

In the 2009 feature film, he will be portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Source: All character text-descriptions are lifted directly from wikipedia and is yet to be authenticated (by me).


New footage seen in the just-released WATCHMEN movie [TAGGED] Japanese trailer - featuring historical characters in context to the superheroes - including the JFK assassination, Nixon etc. Also pop by the official Japanese movie-website @ www.watchmen-movie.jp ~ where you'll have the distinct pleasure of seeing Zack Snyder with sound-bytes snipped into multiple short-video-clips (heh).

Source: SuperheroHype

Source: Trailer-Addict via Aint It Cool News



A new WATCHMEN Featurette debut online a few days' back (just before 2009) ~ which feels like a "Watchmen Journal" altho I didn't debut on the 6th like every other month priors tho (or maybe tis fast-tracked becoz of the legal problems plaguing the film now?). I don't care who's wrong or right, just gimme my damned WATCHMEN, aight? ~ let not a tombstone lie in place of the movie's premiere ... CLICK THRU to view embedded myspace-player or go view direct from SOURCE :)

Watchmen Exclusive

Source: Aint It Cool News


Medicom Toy may not have followed my earlier design proposals - but I'm surprised and nevertheless overjoyed that they are producing WATCHMEN BE@RBRICKS!

Featuring characters based on the movie adaptation of the comicbook - the crime-fighters will be made available in two separate sets (3-packs): SET A features The Comedian, Nite Owl and Ozymandias, while SET B features Dr. Manhattan, Rorschach and Silk Spectre.

Priced at ¥3,990 (US$44 / SGD$64) per 3-pack - with a March 2009 release-date. Although with it's current legal woes [READ] ~ will the release dates remain the same?

Personally, I reckon they could do with a 400% Dr Manhattan to go with the series, yeh? Theoretically he could even grow up to 1000% (ala the comicbooks) but that'll be a mite too indulgent, innit? heh.

Source: Medicom Toy



Frankly, I'm not too sure if these following images posted here [courtesy of Comingsoon.net / via the release of Warner Bros. Pictures 2009 preview] are actually "new" or previously released pics ... and all this seems like just one big obligatory-update post, dunnit? Be that as it may, Rorschach looks cool as a killer canary perched on the The Comedian's condo window-sil and Silk Spectre's feeling the effect of the chilly polar-winds ~ so I'm good where I'm at. yep.

[Hail, hail, the gangs all here! / Dr Manahattan gets a "Private Chris-Taylor"-moment...]


Here's an embedded version of the WATCHMEN: Comic-Con 2008 Preview currently watchable on iTunes [CLICK]. 3+ minutes worth of footage previously shown the San Diego Comic Con 2008. Had to re-watch it without the music. Silk Spectre pulling down the tarp to reveal [Archie] actually gave me goosebumbs! LOL


"Details", folks - tis all about the "Details" (especially for props and sets). And most times, details get lost thru the transition from inception, to the legion sat in darkened cinema halls, chopping down on their popcorn and sucking on their sodas, oblivious to the effort put in by the Art Department (where I formerly plied my "trade"). But details are not missed out on by fanboys and fangirls of genre-flicks. Nope, details are lived on by us folks. And in WATCHMEN, I reckon tis imperative that the details be an essential part of the movie, IMHO.


WATCHMEN Video Journal #9 debut on Omelette December 6th (click on 'VIDEOBLOG DIR. DE ARTE' / via] - while I selfishly waited for the higher-res QT/HD versions that'll inevitably go online a couple or so days later (better screengrab-resolutions :p). Check out the Quicktime + HD-direct links here: Small / Medium / Large / HD Versions.

In addition - the 3-minutes' worth of footage shown previous at San Diego Comic Con is now viewble free (and unbootlegged LOL) on iTunes and the Apple App Store at www.itunes.com/watchmenmovie. I can't seem to be able to watch it now, so you folks just go ahead and knock yourselves out without me, yeh? *sigh*

More probable to be Hollis Mason's abode. (Diggin' the classic Nite Owl statue tho)

Silk Spectre @ her mom's.

The Tales of the Black Freighter-connection (I've always felt this was over-hyped, IMHO)

Rorschach sans the rorschach-mask effect - but dude has a grappling-gun, so that
rawks LOL ... but then again, without his hat, he's just another punk with a mask - heh.

I really, really hope this is not (just) the main pathway to Ozymandias' sancturm becoz it just looks like an entrance to a natural history museum mock-up ... I've been seeing this on quite a few video-journals already and is one of the only very few things that bugs me to shitte ... but that's just me.

... Some days I really do miss my "former" dayjob ... *le-sigh*


The WATCHMEN MOVIE Action Figure series [tagged] continues with a trio of "Variant" releases - featuring a TRANSLUCENT-DR.MANHATTAN, an UNMASKED RORSCHACH and a FLASHBACK Version of THE COMEDIAN - without the facial scar! (Pre-Vietnam War glory days).

All three figures stand between 6.25" to 7" tall and are limited to 5,000 pcs each design (remember their quantity limitations are vastly different than designer vinyls LOL). Each figure features multiple points of articulation and a base, and comes packaged in a 4-color window box.

But all three have different release-dates tho: The Comedian drops first on February 11th 2009, a week later Dr. Manhattan drops Feb 26, and finally followed by Rorschach on March 11th. Wizard has it on pre-order for US$50.99 for three (to ship late-March after Rorschach drops).

Personally speaking, I'd rather be able to collect and complete the entire set, than to pick up bits and pieces - but having mentioned that (and seeing thy future financial situation) - this more likely than not; will not happen. Damn.


The second WATCHMEN Movie Trailer is now viewable online @ Yahoo!Movies [via SHH] - which features longer scene sequences, helping to tell a story rather than just flashing kickass-visuals. Quite delish actually, but somehow did not give me the goosepimpled-tingles watching it, compared to the previous trailers/teasers :p


I've since decided that even IF this Zack Snyder-directed movie becomes a train-wreck, I would've still loved the visuals, the design, and most of all, the eternal romantique notion of having a comicbook story adapted into moving visuals. But that's just me :) ... Meanwhile, clicketh images below to view embiggened character posters of the movie six primary protagonists [via SHH].

[Am still unsure of this poster-style is uber-cool, or just utter comicbook-wannabe drivel]


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