The WATCHMEN Movie [tagged] online viral has officially begun with the launch of The New Frontiersman website @ - with the previously "sealed" folder - now "opened" to reveal correspondence, military documents, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs and video reports from and about the world of Watchmen thru the reporters and journalists of The New Frontiersman, and will continue to reveal them until the launch of the movie on March 6th - with the desire and aim to "bringing the wider world of WATCHMEN to life for as broad an audience as possible."

"Accessibility" seems to be the direction for this particular campaign, with updates made readily available via RSS feeds generated by Friendfeed - which encompasses Flickr, YouTube and Twitter-accounts - no doubt manned by the pool of "New Frontiersman-journos", yeh? *Coolio*

And while the "full" story of Watchmen is known to fans of the comicbook (*raises hands* - happily, not smugly, mind) - which means there is hardly any *spoiler-surprises* to be spilt (ala 2008's The Dark Knight) - hence less of the shock'n'awe tactic (even for folks who are not familiar with the story). And from the description of New Frontiersman, it is more likely about creating, and revealing a world where we both fear and are in awe of superheroes, and where we participate as the "everyman" (unlike say, Hellboy2's viral - which frankly were more attuned to and focused on the Fantasy / RPG-genre crowd, IMHO).

[DECLASSIFIED: Wally Weaver's Testimony Affidavit pertaining to the events surrounding Jon Osterman's fatal intrinsic field accident at Gila Flats Test base > CLICK on image to read]

Tabloid Sensationalism versus Investigative Journalism. If The New Frontiersman's direction were to parallel tabloids and rags of yesteryears? Then there may yet be juicy news to come, IMHO. Opened case files begin from 1959, starting from the era of the Minute Men - which in itself is as salacious as it gets LOL (If I said I had a "crush" on The Silhouette, would you think little of me? :p)

[NYPD incident report for the murder of Ursula Zandt (AKA The
Silhouette) and a female companion – November 12th 1954.]

But if they decide upon the latter, than perhaps it may be a slow burn, with more "meat" than just the "gravy" (?) - as evident with the crime reports currently on display in the "website's folders". Heck, their tagline reads: "Integrity in journalism" innit? We'll see if this holds true, yeh?

[Mothman gone bonkers and gets a one-way-trip to the funny-farm for ex-superheroes]

....Or perhaps I'm just thinking too much into it, and should just go along for the ride, for it is just a few short weeks/months leading to the movie's premiere on March 6th, and the Doomsday Clock has begun it's countdown.

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