peep Nite Owl and Rorscharch action figures from DC Direct on Entertainment Weekly [via]:

"Though Warner Bros.' Watchmen movie (out March 6, 2009) is still very much a work in progress, DC Direct has put the finishing touches on its collector-edition tie-ins, which are modeled after the characters from director Zack Snyder's film. The company will unveil four of these action-figure prototypes at New York Comic-Con on Friday, April 18, but EW has your exclusive peek at two of them — steadfast vigilante Rorschach and nice-guy superhero Nite Owl - which will hit stores in January 2009 at around US$14.99"

and while i have my own personal opinion of Rorscharch's tiny fedora (perhaps tis due to a possible removable mask? yumz) and marching-stance, i'm equally appreciative of the fact that DC Comics is actively undertaking the production of their own characters/properties, rather than leaving them in the hands of external toy-makers (i know that reads very ignorant of me, but you know what i mean - i've seen the recent Iron Man movie figures just yesterday and am not totally impressed, IMHO) ... anyways, totally looking forward to more! heh :)


JuliusMarx said…
The hat won't be removable, but he will have a masked and unmasked head.

Also there will be a pattern on his mask and then two clear clip on overlays with other patterns that will fit on his mask to change the pattern.
toysrevil said…
cheers for the headsup, JM!

and im somehow waiting patiently for someone (possibly DC Direct) to produce 1/6th-scaled versions of them ... would love Hot Toys to do it too tho (pricing notwithstanding)

*fanboy-sigh* lol

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