i personally dislike "flash" pictures (no offense to the folks using flash, of coz) primarily becoz it just brightens up the subject, but do not necessarily add to it's "visual-aesthetic" (spoilt-cyber-brat that i am *cough*) ... but on the same token, it enables us to see the (finer) details where aesthetic-photography may inadvertedly "hide" - and this pic of DC Deluxe's 13-inch tall RORSCHARCH action figure (as seen @ NYCC) does not hide much (besides the back-view - duh) - but of coz no one mentioned that this was a production-piece, becoz the balaclava/sock-mask has got to be a prototype rushed for the con, it has to be, right? ... right? ... ho-boy ... ... lemme go find my toe-sock to cut-up for a kitbash, yeh? ... heh.

[original uncropped images via Figures.com]



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