The Comedian - Collecting Watchman Action Figures

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And while I hadn't planned it, looks like I might begin to collect WATCHMEN movie action figures, starting with The Comedian! Not particularly "actively searching" but wouldn't deny myself if ever I come across a good bargain, even its loose/unboxed, because I wanna play with them lol

... Quite ironic as I've been gagging to own DVD for the longest time, so now instead I'll collect the toys ... and even then, I was pretty keen to collect the 1/6th-scaled ones all this while too! But I've since come to my personal-financial-senses LOL

I had an "unmasked" Rorschach somewhere in my hoard I'd been thinking of "selling", but now I might as well hold back the notion … interesting how your toy collection tastes change thru the years, and imagine how "devastated" I'd have been if I actually DID sell it off … Heh.

This is The Comedian wearing a flame-thrower unit, as seen in his flashback sequence of his time in Vietnam (alongside Dr Manhattan), in the battlefield setting V.C.s on fire!



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