Who Watches The Mr Toast Watchmen?

Best. Alt-Watchmen. Evah.

Shaky Bacon as Silk Spectre
Mr Toast as Nite Owl
Joe the Egg as Rorschach
Lemonhead as the Comedian
Clem Lemon as Doctor Manhattan

Drawn by Dan Goodsell, creator of Mr Toast and viewable in their full glory on his Flickr. Best bit of casting (besides the film's) I've seen bar none.

The image shown-left is a photoshopped-montage of Comedian and giant-sized Dr Manhattan for "Operation: Wrath of Burnt Toast" (not official title, I just thought it would be farnie :p) sans flame-thrower - becoz that could get everyone crisy-fried, toasted and scrambled, innit? heh.



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