there was even a time when Darren Aronofsky (the director of The Fountain, πand requiem for a dream) was going to direct the big screen adaptation of Alan Moore's (together with artist, Dave Gibbons) The Watchmen! *how effin cool would that have been?*

... and then he was not again, choosing to direct The Fountain instead ... which i reckon its cool for what it's worth lah ...

consider this:

found on the www = a fanboy wish for the casting of The Watchmen:
(am sorry but i dunno who created this, so can't credit properly - do lemme know otherwise, yeah? thanx!)

Ed Harris as Dr. Manhattan?
Mel Gibson as The Comedian?
Ralph Fiennes as Ozymandias?
Michael Douglas as Captain Metropolis?
... tho i'd reckon maybe even Michael Keaton as Rorschach?
and i'd hedge my bets on Catherine Zeta-Jones as The Silk Spectre and a maybe George Clooney as the Nite Owl (of having a second chance at superhero-dom, that was the agony of Batman and Robin *nudge-nudge-heh* :p)

heck, this'll sure be a power-packed cast wouldn't it? tho the reality being no one might wanna cast a movie filled with old "mature-actors" (as the original comicbook story is about) and hence harder to greenlight something that "doesn't cater to the general/mass demographic" (in my own lil conspiracy-addled-mindworld, i insist :p) ... for mayhap some comic-books are not meant for celluloid adaptation (*especially the classics* IMHO) ... and perhaps the future lies in the creation of new characters and new stories that blend/meld comicbooks and the celluloid (ala The Fountain) and that would be fine by me, that would - IMHO, of coz.

[original post circa 22.11.05]



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